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Tuesday, January 27 2015 @ 06:09 PM HST

2013 Legislative Priorities

Hawaii Family Forum is committed to promoting LIFE, FAMILY (built on the foundation of one man and one woman in a committed married relationship) and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in Hawaii.


Hawaii Family Advocates, our C4 organization, is taking the lead on all legislative efforts; however, HFF will continue to track and participate legislative efforts respective to the issues outlined above.  Our legislative priorities are as follows:





Physician-Assisted Sucide. There is only one bill this year (HB 606) which would allow a terminally ill, competent adult of at least 50 years of age to get lethal dose of medication to end life. Prohibits physicians and others from administering mercy killings, lethal injections, and active euthanasia. Requires informed consent. Allows alternate doctor to replace attending doctor if latter declines to prescribe. This bill is pending hearing by House Health, Judiciary and Finance Committees but seems unlikely to be heard this session. HFF opposes this bill.
Gambling. There are over 30 gambling bills that were introduced this session. Some good, some bad. So far, only two have received hearings: SB 855 which clarifies the authority of counties to adopt gambling laws that do not conflict with state laws and HB 343 which amends definitions in the gambling laws to address gambling activities offered incident to the purchase of goods or services.   HFF supports both these bills and will continue to oppose any form of legalized gambling in Hawaii.

Recreational Use of Marijuana. This bill (HB 699)authorizes persons 21 years of age or older to consume or possess limited amounts of marijuana for personal use. Provides for the licensing of marijuana cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, safety testing facilities, and retail stores. Applies an excise tax on transactions between marijuana establishments.   This bill passed the House Judiciary and is now moving to the House Finance Committee. HFF strongly opposes this bill.

Same Sex Marriage: Two problematic bills would legalize same-sex marriage outright though statute, (HB 1109) which would extend to same-sex couples the right to marry and to receive all the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities of marriage as opposite-sex couples receive under the laws of the State of Hawaii and (SB 1369) which recognizes marriages between individuals of the same sex. 
In addition, there are good constitutional amendment bills that would put the vote to the people to limit it to opposite sex couples (SB 1292, HB 1004, HB 1020). 
There is one bill, however, that would do both.   HB 1005 proposes a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a legal relationship between two people of the opposite or same sex. All of the bills above are pending hearing in their first committee and lots of action is happening behind the scenes to get legislators to act on this issue. HFF supports marriage between one man and one woman.

Human Trafficking: (HB 874) This bill ensures that the Department of Human Services provides the necessary services to Hawaii's youth who are victims of sex and labor trafficking.   HFF supports this legislation.
Religious Freedom
Birth Certificate (HB 412) This bill requires the DOH to establish a new certificate of birth for a person who provides a written request that DOH issue a new certificate of birth with a gender designation that differs from the gender on the original certificate of birth, a notarized statement from a licensed treating or evaluating physician, and official copy of name change if requesting a name change on the certificate of birth.   Language in the bill is problematic because it states:   “The new certificate of birth shall not be marked as having been amended and shall in no way reveal the original language changed by the amendment.” The bill passed the House Health committee and is now moving the House Judiciary committee. HFF opposes this bill.
NOTE:  HFF may weigh in on other issues as they become necessary.

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