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It’s time to put Jesus back into Christmas. In this day and age, so many secular organizations, the media and even the government are removing Jesus from any public displays. It’s time for churches to take back the day by showcasing images of HOPE around our great state!

Clicking the map above will take you to the Facebook posts that people in the community have used to show any great nativity they see.

This is the page that has all the information you need to participate in the Finding Hope Challenge. All you need to do to participate, is agree to post any nativity scenes (or other scenes of Christmas decorations that symbolize hope) on your social media.

Download the flyer with full instructions (2020 version. New version will be uploaded when it is completed.)

  • Individuals can take a picture and then post it to social media.
    • Tag #findinghopehawaii and #hawaiifamilyforum.
    • Tag the location so that others who may want to see the nativity (scene of hope) will know where to go. BE VERY MINDFUL of posting addresses to individuals homes.
  • Churches who want to participate by posting their own nativity scenes can work with Sandra Young who can help get their information and some give aways. E-Mail Sandy if you are interested in making that happen. Our goal is to create a map of all the great nativity scenes around the state.
  • Visit the official Finding Hope Nativity Scene (LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED).

Pictured above is the display that was at the Hawaii State Capitol in 2019. Right now, we are confirming the location for this nativity and once that happens we will update this site. The narration you hear is done by Kahu Wendell Davis and it was playing at the capitol, which is so fantastic and it blessed a lot of people.