General Election Voter’s Guide Now Available!

It’s here.  The 2020 General Election Voter’s Guide.  We have two guides this year:  One is local and one is for the President’s race.  We were able to partner with one of our mainland sister organizations to make the presidential guide available.

Before you click the links below, there are a couple of things we want to state right out of the gate. 

Yes, we know: the response rate is dismal.  We worked really hard to get candidates to respond but some of the feedback we received was that they get so many surveys, they have to make choices on which ones to respond to.  We get it.  Our issues are controversial.  No matter what answers they pick on some of the questions, one side will get mad – and they don’t want that to happen.

So, we included LIVE LINKS on everyone on the guide.  If your candidate(s) did not respond, then you can go directly to their campaign website (if they have one) and find out more about them.  Want to contact them directly? We have provided a live email link, so you can send them an email right from the online PDF guide! Want to speak to them directly? You can use the public phone numbers we provided that are available on the Office of Elections ( online here) website. Only one candidate asked me to take the phone number off our printed guide.

If you do contact them, please be courteous. 

The survey was sent to all congressional candidates, State House and Senate candidates, and on Oahu, the two candidates running for prosecutor.  Candidates who were elected in the Primary are NOT included in this election guide.

We will revise the guide if we receive late returns on the survey, so you may want to save this link and check back.  We will note if it is a new revised version.

So, if you are ready, you can download the guides here:

[Version 4, October 13, 2020]

A couple of notes:  We do our best to ensure that the questions on the voter guide satisfy the IRS guidelines for distribution in churches but we are not legal counsel and you should always check with your own legal counsel for your church before your try to distribute these.  These guides HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR DISTRIBUTION IN ANY CATHOLIC CHURCH.  If that approval is given, a notice will be sent from the Hawaii Catholic Conference or Office of the Vicar General.

Here are some other quick links that can help you cast your vote:

  • Charter Questions that will be on the ballot (on next week’s episode of Faith in Politics, I will be interviewing local attorney Jim Hochberg on the Oahu Charter Questions and that interview will be available on KALO TV YouTube Channel Playlist: Faith in Politics.)
  • This week’s episode of Faith in Politics is with Duke Aiona, Elwin Ahu and Jim Hochberg talking about the Supreme Court nominations and why this election is so important. You can visit KALO TV YouTube Channel and view that episode when it is posted. Should be any day now!