Hell in a Handbasket: Really, Hawai’i?

HellhandbasketOkay, so we have your attention.  Our nation, including Hawai’i, is changing and it is not for the better.

With the legalization of same-sex marriage here and across the country, we have seen:

  • Increased persecution of Christians, including significant civil fines for bakers, florists, photographers, wedding facilities owners;
  • Forced indoctrination of keiki as young as 5 years old about same-sex relationships and gender identity issues, leading keiki to confusion and a lack of moral foundation;
  • Transgender children using bathrooms and shower facilities based on gender identity (and not birth);
  • In Hawai’i we, together with our allies, we stood against a ban on reparative therapy (forbidding children who have unwanted same sex attraction from getting treatment).
  • And the list goes on.

But here’s the thing, we don’t just do things that are public.  We also work directly with legislators and key community leaders to affect change and protect our keiki from the growing use and accessibility of marijuana.  Hawaii Family Forum was a key player in that effort.

We were able to engage and encourage leaders in the state to consider the SAFETY OF KEIKI first. 

And then there was physician-assisted suicide.  After we spoke to lawmakers, they chose not to have hearings on the bill.   We helped provide language for an end of life care bill that brought experts across the state together to talk about saving lives, not ending them.  Hawaii Family Forum was a key player in that effort.

We were able to engage and encourage leaders in the state to consider THE VALUE OF LIFE FOR OUR AGING KUPUNA.

And today, we are leading the way in highlighting and promoting the IMPORTANCE OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in our beautiful state.  We have many educational opportunities coming up.

Can you chip in $50, $35, $20 or other amount immediately to help us continue the fight for our keiki, families and faith?

Now, more than ever, activists’ hostile to our values are raising BIG money and getting national attention while worthwhile non-profit, faith-based organizations are struggling.  The Human Rights Campaign is pouring money, along with mega-moguls like the Gil Foundation, into groups that fight us at every crossroad:  GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION and EVEN CHURCHES.  These strong-armed, public efforts are causing big name companies to waiver under the threat of boycotts and public humiliation.

Hawaii Family Forum is determined to help members in the community stand firm in the faith.  We do that, because, for us, the faith-based community has been our home since 1998 and we are committed to staying the course.


As a special mahalo, we have a limited edition eco-friendly canvas bag that will be given as a gift to the first 50 donors who give at least $50.  For any donation over $100, we will include an extra “surprise” gift valued at $15.  This same mahalo gift will be given to anyone who signs up to donate monthly for the next 12 months.  Just click the link below to give securely online.


Mahalo for your kind attention.  We appreciate each and every one of you.