Praying the Course: Pastor & Church Leader’s Seminar

PRAYING THE COURSE: A One Day Seminar for Pastors & Church Leaders Thursday, June 23, 2016 8:30 – 1:30 (Lunch

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Relig Freedom Rally June 28

Letter to Congressional Leaders to Promote Values issues in the Upcoming Appropriations Bills for FY2017

April 11, 2016 Hawaii Family Forum signed onto a letter to Congressional leaders.  The letter, in part, states that “[w]hile

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Hell in a Handbasket: Really, Hawai’i?

Okay, so we have your attention.  Our nation, including Hawai’i, is changing and it is not for the better. With

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Improvements to Sex Education Policy

March 23, 2016 national letter sent to Rep. Tom Cole, (Chairman, Appropriations Committee in the House) and Sen. Roy Blunt

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