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About the Seminar/Workshop

Community Action Network (CAN) training seminars are informational workshops designed to encourage community and church participation in the legislative process.

The Community Action Network (CAN) educational trainings provide pastors and people of faith with the tools and resources they need to promote and defend LIFE, FAMILY, and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in Hawaii. Workshops are conducted by the staff of Hawaii Family Forum and our community associate, Hawaii Family Advocates.

• Learn principles for engaging in public policy within a Christian framework.
• Learn how to build a relationship with your legislator.
• Learn how to network with other people of faith to build a movement that will shape public policy in Hawaii for years to come.
• Learn why we are called by Jesus to take our gospel message into the public policy arena.
• Hear from local legislators on what is happening at the legislature (during legislative session).

Course Outline

Overview of Christian Participation in Government
• What are the principles for Christian engagement?
• How can they be used to stand firm on our gospel values as we engage our legislators & government officials?
• What is the Christian legacy in Hawai’i and our unique role as community members?

About the Instructor/Facilitator

Eva Andrade is the President of Hawaii Family Forum
Other Speakers with expertise in the subject area are also included.

Where to Attend

For further information about these events, contact us at (808)203-6704 or email us.  We will work with any Christian pastor and/or church who would like to facilitate a training.  Presentations and presenters are based on topical request.  We work with many people in the community who are experts in their field and have a desire to change the culture in Hawai’i to reflect biblical standards.