2021 Hawaii Family Forum Survey Results

From March 29, 2021 through April 7, 2021, Hawaii Family Forum conducted a survey of its VoterVoice list. The purpose of the survey was to give a voice to the faith-based community regarding the one year lock down and how it was handled by leaders.

432 people responded to this NON-SCIENTIFIC survey. Questions were developed from actual responses given to Eva Andrade, the President/CEO, over the course of the past year. The survey was purposefully made anonymous so that people would feel free to make any open ended comments they felt necessary. 285 people did so!

Six questions were asked broken into three parts: (1) Vaccinations (2) Evaluation of Leaders during Pandemic and (3) Evaluation of Churches/Pastors during Pandemic. The final question was open-ended.

Section 1: Vaccinations

Section 2: Evaluation of Government Officials During Pandemic

Part 3: Evaluation of Churches and Pastors During Pandemic

Question #6:

(a few comments were edited to protect privacy).