Christian Voting Resources

Updated:  June 1, 2024

We are providing this list of resources only as a tool to help you make an informed choice.  We do our best to vet the resources, but please use your own well-formed conscience to make the right decision.

Voter Responsibility: Pray and Act (from Wallbuilders)
Click here to view a video on the importance of Christians voting.
Click here to download this video.

Why it’s a Christian’s Duty to Vote
COMING SOON, a 3-minute video on the right and duty of American citizens to vote in every election.

Voting Resources

The pro-family organizations listed below provide voter resources for most states. Click on the organizations’ links for more information.

Know the Candidates and Issues
Click here to track Federal legislation and learn how your Congressman and Senators vote.

On The Issues provides a wealth of nonpartisan information on voting and candidates (including biographies, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, and interest group ratings). Another way to access voter information for your state is to use a search engine (e.g., Google, Bing, or Yahoo) and type in “voter guide” or “voter information” along with keywords like “pro-family” or “Christian” and the name of your state.

Heritage Action has provided instructions on viewing candidates’ interest group ratings, commonly called “Scorecards,” click here.