Focus on the Family Releases “The Drop Box”

Kelly Rosati is the vice president of community outreach at Focus on the Family, but that’s not the title she considers most important.

“My most important title is mom,” she said.

After years of working as an advocate for foster children as the executive director of Hawaii Family Forum, Rosati and her husband saw an opportunity to do more and became the adoptive parents to two boys and two girls, according to

This process of considering what more can be done to help orphans and children around the world is one Focus on the Family hopes more people will engage in, and that is one of the goals behind the new feature-length documentary “The Drop Box,” which will be screened nationwide at select theaters now through March 5.

The documentary details the efforts of Pastor Lee Jong-rak, a South Korean cleric who saw a need to help young orphans in Seoul and decided to act. He built a drop box at the front of his church as a place for mothers to take babies that “would otherwise be abandoned” on the streets, according to

According to a news release, Pastor Lee’s program has helped more than 600 babies, many of who have “physical and developmental impediments.”

“‘The Drop Box’ is ultimately a story of hope,” Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, said in a news release. “Even in the midst of a heart-wrenching situation, we see the heart of a father’s love in Pastor Lee.”

A portion of the film’s proceeds will go to helping Pastor Lee continue his efforts, according to a news release.

The film is a joint effort by Focus on the Family, Pine Creek Entertainment and Kindred Image, which is a nonprofit organization that supports Pastor Lee’s mission. Focus on the Family is a “faith-based ministry that helps families thrive,” and “The Drop Box” is the second in the organization’s Reclamation series of documentaries “that focus on the importance of marriage, family and a Christ-centered response to social issues,” according to a news release.

Rosati believes the film “represents everything that Focus on the Family is all about,” including “advocacy for children” and the “dignity of every human being.”

“We hope that (viewers) will learn that there is a need for folks to get involved to care for orphans, and that’s across the world and in our own country,” she said.

Rosati encourages those interested in adopting or supporting an adoptive family to find additional information and resources online at