Glenn Stanton: Personal Reflections re: SCOTUS Decision

Posted June 27, 2015

It’s been a VERY long day, but wanted to post some quick personal reflections on today’s monumental Supreme Court decision. I will do so under a few quick headings.

Does This Settle the Marriage Issue?

  • Today’s ruling settles and puts this issue to bed no more than Roe v. Wade settled the abortion issue in 1973. Issues having to do with such basic issues of human life, sexuality and marriage cannot really be settled in such a way. That is demonstrably clear.
  • Particularly, Roe benefited from a clear and strong 7-2 majority, but did nothing to settle question in hearts of Americans since that day. It undeniably inflamed the issue and that fire still burns white hot today.
  • Anyone who reads the entirety of today’s decision clearly sees that this question is not even settled among the Court itself evidenced by the narrow tilt toward a “yea” vote via the tie-breaking opinion of Justice Kennedy. The dissenting four justices did not only disagree, but categorically rejected the slight majority’s conclusion and entire rationale.


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