Hawaii Family Forum Vice-Chair Sends Notice to Westside Legislators: POT NOT PONO

February 23, 2024

Dear Senator Shimabukuro, Representative Gates, and Representative Kila,

Subject: Protecting Our Children From A Powerful Drug Called Marijuana

We heard that certain legislators are in support of legalizing a powerful drug called marijuana in our community.

As leaders in West Oahu, specifically 96792, we are strongly opposed to the legalization of a powerful drug called marijuana! We are already dealing with the dangerous, deadly, and devastating host of problems of marijuana daily.  Legalizing this powerful drug will make it worse. 

First of all, we ask that you listen to the wise, comprehensive, science-backed discussion on the February 7, 2024 Press Conference to oppose commercial marijuanahttps://youtu.be/IhRV99H4ANY .

Second, we ask that you look at the ABCs of the Family Impact Study On Legalizing a Powerful Drug Called Marijuana. (Click here for link)

Lastly, we ask that you PROTECT OUR KEIKI AND COMMUNITY and vote NO to legalizing this powerful drug called marijuana.


Allen Cardines, Jr.
Lead Pastor Nanaikapono Church
D8 Ekklesia Neighborhood Security Watch
Vice Chair Hawaii Family Forum