Protection of Children or Attack on Christian Therapy?

February 23, 2018




National Task Force for Therapy Equality

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About the Guests:

Stephanie Curry serves as the Public Policy Manager with the Family Policy Alliance Policy Team. She helps build and support strategic legislative action on a national and state level. She also maintains consistent communication and support to our network of state family policy allies.

Stephanie Curry is a licensed attorney and received her Juris Doctor at CUNY School of Law. In New York, she collaborated in performing cutting-edge legal work in representing victims of sex-trafficking and partnered in developing best-practices for workers in the anti-human trafficking industry. Additionally, Stephanie has done extensive legislative advocacy work, conducted issue and opposition-based research, and engaged in grassroots mobilization and the development of campaign strategy.

Stephanie enjoys time with her husband and twin boys.

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David Pickup is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, currently operating a private psychotherapy practice in Dallas, Texas. He works primarily with men and boys dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction and uses authentic Reparative Therapy, which was created by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. David underwent extensive training in Reparative Therapy for three years underneath the direction of Dr. Nicolosi at Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic. He now offers expert training in this therapy to other therapists, either in person or via the Internet.  Reparative therapy is his main focus and life’s work; assisting men and boys in healing the wounds of their masculine souls and transforming out of homosexuality into heterosexuality.

Mr. Pickup is a NARTH board member and is a regular speaker at NARTH conferences. He also speaks to churches and various groups who need help to understand the true nature and treatment of homosexuality. He is currently finishing his doctoral degree in Psychology at California Southern University. Also, Mr. Pickup is the lead plaintiff in Pickup vs. Brown, the suit brought against California for its new law that has banned Reparative Therapy for minors in that state.

Mr. Pickup is a national lobbyist for the National Therapeutic Task Force, which has been successful in helping to defeat 20 out of 30 therapy bans in state legislatures. His new undertakings will include the effort to create the Children’s Center for Healthy Gender and Sexuality in Dallas, Texas.

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