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Hawaii’s Legislature Forced Speech – Update

August 18, 2017 Hawaii Family Forum President, Eva Andrade, interviews local ADF allied attorney Jim Hochberg on the current status

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HFF signs letter to repeal Johnson Amendment

June 14, 2017 Along with numerous organizations across the nation, Hawaii Family Forum has signed onto the following letter regarding

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Bully Bill (SB501) Prognosis

As of today, SB 501 (the bully bill) is still pending action by Governor Ige.  It was sent to him

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Update on SB501: Interview with Jim Hochberg

May 26, 2017 Hawaii Family Forum President Eva Andrade interviews local Alliance Defending Freedom allied attorney, Jim Hochberg, on the

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Atheists False Claim Against Church

May 28,  2017 Join Hawaii Family Forum President Eva Andrade as she discusses the recent court hearing on Kahle v.

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Athiests Attack Hawai’i Churches using School Property

Listen to an interview with local ADF attorney, Jim Hochberg (above). Athiests Mitch Kahle and Holly Huber filed a False

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