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HFF Signs National Letter to AMA: No to Assisted Suicide

August 3, 2017 “Family Policy Alliance, Focus on the Family, and our network of over 40 state-based family policy councils

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HFF signs on national letter regarding funding for human embryonic and human-chimera research at NIH

July 14, 2017 “We applaud President Donald Trump’s actions in defense of human life, especially his restoration and expansion of

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23 States Defeat Assisted Suicide in 2017!

July 3, 2017 From the Patients Rights Action Fund Legislative sessions are officially over for the spring and, in some

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Bully Bill (SB501) Prognosis

As of today, SB 501 (the bully bill) is still pending action by Governor Ige.  It was sent to him

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Letter to the U.S. Senate Opposing Funding for Abortion and Abortion Businesses

June 9, 2017 Hawaii Family Forum signed a letter, along with many national pro-life groups, highlighting the importance of pro-life protections

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Resource Centers in Hawai’i

Please consider a gift to these important pregnancy resource centers (PRC) in Hawai’i! These centers are one of the ministries

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