Supreme Court Decision Ignites Protests In Hawaiʻi

June 24, 2022 | by Big Island Video News

Pro-life advocates in Hawaiʻi are also sharing their feelings on the SCOTUS decision. For example, this statement from Hawaiʻi Family Forum President Eva Andrade was released today:

“Since our establishment in 1998, Hawaii Family Forum has had an unwavering commitment to build a society that strengthens marriages and families while supporting the medical and resource centers that serve women facing an unplanned pregnancy. The decision made by the court today is only the beginning. The pro-life movement must continue to work to protect life as a basic human right for every single life, born and unborn.

“In Hawaii, state law establishes an affirmative right to abortion even now that Roe is overturned so the battle is not over for us. While we are grateful for the work of all those across the nation who have stood beside mothers and children, from churches and pregnancy resource and medical centers, social service organizations that promote life, and to the legislature and courts of law, we acknowledge there is still much work to be done.”

“Instead of fanning the flames of division in the community, we all must work towards healing wounds and for reasoned reflection and civil dialogue. We need to practice radical love and compassion toward expecting mothers who are in difficult situations. Churches and their members need to offer help and hope to abortion-vulnerable women and men. We must encourage donations to pregnancy resource and medical centers that offer resources to pregnant women who choose to keep their babies, give directly to mothers in need, or simply walk with those that are hurting by providing the resources they need the most.

“We must also speak the truth in love about the unborn and create a culture of deep care for all life. Debates surrounding this issue will become more intense, and we need to be equipped with the facts and prepared to always advocate for the sanctity of life, as always, in a spirit of charity and aloha.”