Wherever did the podcast go?

January 28, 2022

Our show has a new home. E Komo Mai.

Over the past several weeks, I have received some input from people who have wondered why I am no longer on the “Faith in Politics” podcast on KALO TV.

Rest assured I have not stopped creating content for education in the community.

Hawaii Family Forum has partnered with Jim Hochberg and other donors to create, maintain and promote the Triple F Show: Faith and Family First. Our goal is to have 1/2 shows every week on YOUTUBE, Olelo TV and local Christian Radio Stations.

We are in the process of making that happen right now thanks to committed people in the community who believe in what we are doing.

KALO TV will continue to produce “Faith in Politics” with new hosts and topics.

Stay tuned because this is going to get exciting.

View all of our show at this link.