Finding Hope Christmas Challenge

We can put Jesus back into Christmas – well, He was never really gone but more and more mainstream media moguls are removing posts that have a Christian foundation. So, what can we do?

It’s simple. Learn how you can participate!

Watch the video below of a nativity scene that was up in the Hawaii State Capitol back in 2019. There is a beautiful narration that was created to play the whole time in the background, although the capitol powers that be did not allow the audio. So, now you can hear it.

Kahu Wendell Davis narrates the story of Henry Opukahaia and connects his faith to the beautiful Christmas story.

This beautiful display will be at a Church location soon to be noted here. If you are looking for a great place to take the kids, we will let you know.

The other thing we will do is provide a list of all beautiful nativity scenes that we are notified about – so, maybe you and your family can take a cruise to see all the wonderful nativity scenes around the island.

This link has a flyer and more information.