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The Changing Family: Part Two

KAAH-TV Interview on the family, 2015. YOUTH AND TECHNOLOGY

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Glenn Stanton: Personal Reflections re: SCOTUS Decision

Posted June 27, 2015 It’s been a VERY long day, but wanted to post some quick personal reflections on today’s

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SCOTUS Decision: Press Release

June 26, 2015 Hawaii Family Forum submitted a joint statement with our community associate Hawaii Family Advocates on the Supreme

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Graduation Rates Among Children of Same-Sex Households

Almost all studies of same-sex parenting have concluded there is ‘‘no difference’’ in a range of outcome measures for children

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Divorce Rate in the Church

“Christians divorce at roughly the same rate as the world!” It’s one of the most quoted stats by Christian leaders today.

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Mark Regenurus Marriage Study

In this debut article of the NFSS, I compare how the young-adult children of a parent who has had a

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